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Welcome to Brave Heart Kids Haven and Montessori, a comprehensive plaza that offers a range of services for children. Our Montessori and creche are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, and our teaching and play materials are designed to foster a love of learning.

Transport Program:

• We offer a safe and reliable transport program for school children, with a range of vehicles to suit different needs (buses, salon cars, luxury cars)
• Our drivers are trained, identified, and tracked for added security
• We cater to children from various schools, including our own Montessori students
• Parents can also be picked up and dropped off at work while their children are taken to school

After School Program:

• A safe and fun environment for school children who don’t attend BraveHeart Montessori
• Cozy bedrooms for naps, eating time with catered food, homework time with assessment reports for parents
• Fun and games in our luxurious playground, exceptionally built with security cameras for 24/7 surveillance
• Boarding facilities for children whose parents need caretaking services

Additional Services:

• Music school for children every day of the week, including weekends
• Caregivers, teachers, nurses, caterers, drivers, and more, ensuring a high level of care and support

At Brave Heart Kids Haven, we pride ourselves on providing a secure, engaging, and nurturing environment for children. Come explore our services and let us take care of your little ones! Call or Contact us now!