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Who We Are

Global Relief Consult (GRC)

that organizes and manages global events, trains, empowers and deploys projects and programmes under Sustainability, ESG, CSR, M & E and specializes in Empowerment Training Programmes, Leadership Trainings, Skills Acquisition, Capacity Building and Content Development. Our pool also delivers on Technology (STEM/STEAM, STEMVoc, AI/IoT), Vocational (T-VET), Risk and Project Management portfolios amongst others.

Global Relief Consult has footprints across Africa, Europe, United Kingdom and the United States of America.
With our regional managers in Rwanda, East Africa; Ghana in West Africa; Limpopo and Durban in South Africa; London, UK and New Jersey in the United States we keep expanding our services across the globe with distinct leaders who drive our services to serve various organizations and individuals. With our unique expertise, we are able to create business goals for desert places out of nothing. We make time to build visions and missions as well as attainable goals for our clients all over the world. At every GRC empowerment session, we build EVERYTHING out of NOTHING. Engage our services and experience absolute precision and results. We are accountable to our commitments.

Our Team ensures that all entities we work with such as:

  • Non-governmental organizations (NGOs)
  • Government Community Support Groups (GCSG)
  • Volunteering Programme Support Groups (VPSG)
  • Volunteer Service Overseas (VSO)
as well as various humanitarian bodies and groups who seek to support the disadvantaged and vulnerable in societies especially women and girls have the needed trainings, data base and Continuity Management Roadmaps to guide their implementations and project deployment.

Needs Assessment: Global Relief Consult mobilizes persons and resources to detect peculiar needs of identifiable groups. Upon being contacted by our clients, we conduct a needs assessment and conclude on a deployable monitoring and evaluation plan subject to the agreement.

ESG Disclosure: Global Relief Consult makes use of the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Disclosure. We go into the client’s ideology to develop strategic directions that yield ROI (Return on Investment) based on corporate positioning and to encourage companies to act responsibly. We also draw Sustainability Programmes with an eye on Corporate Social Investment/ Responsibility.

We organize trainings for teams and groups that sign up to bring them to speed on project management and related protocols.

Thematic Deliveries:
works specifically with different themes to ensure clients do not ‘just’ make wholesale giving or donations but rather ensure the intervention by the person or organisation is relevant to a continuity strategy. Eg. a telecom company’s theme vis-a-vis its project would be different from that of an oil and gas company. GRC has expertise in guiding all these delivery protocols and rendering accountability.

We run training programmes for clients in Sustainability/ESG/CSR, knowledge acquisition and deployment, Artificial Intelligence (AI), STEM/STEAM, Digital Marketing (Awareness Creation), technological innovations of the times. We ensure the deprived are able to integrate into the society.


To be a global brand of self-driven people actively impacting a just democratic and sustainable world where empowerments and resources are deployed, everyone strives in dignity, and poverty and inequalities are no more.


Our mission is to help our clients make distinctive, lasting,
and substantial decisions in their strategic deliveries and to build an enviable brand that attracts, develops, excites, and retains exceptional stake-holders.


We are a team of experts/business owners (friends) across various fields of work such as Cyber Security, Nursing, Project Management Professionals, Technology, Agile, Aged Management, Home Care Givers, etc. across various countries such as Rwanda, United Kingdom, Liberia, United States, Ghana and still counting who mobilizes funds to train and empower stakeholders that require our field of expertise. We also get contracted by organisations and agencies to deploy our services.

Friends Aligned’ is our unofficial group which was started in 2015 and has today grown into GLOBAL RELIEF CONSULT.