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Amaris Nana Adjei Perbi, PMP; MSc. Rev.

Lead Solutions Consultant

Rev Amaris Nana Adjei Perbi (Lead Solutions Consultant, Africa) – As a Project Management Professional with ESG, Sustainability & Continuity management prowess, Amaris is skilled with a knack of Strategic Leadership, Agile Generation Management and Customer Experience Proficiency with Digital Inclusion and Disability Support Orientation incorporating STEM & TVET built over 20 years.

Amaris holds BSc in Management Studies, MSc in Business Decision Management, Master of Arts in Marketing, PMP and RMP from PMI and currently pursuing Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration apart from being a Reverend Minister and Song Writer (Musician & Pianist). He is a creative thinker providing solutions that ensure growth, development and continuity across communities in alignment with organizational strategies.

With over 20+ years practical and proven experience in Projects Management, Operations, Social Responsibility, Continuity and Sustainability Management with National Awards in Creativity, Innovation and Exceptional Results-oriented Performance, Amaris has other recognitions such as listed below:

Other Awards:
1. Exemplary Leadership Award 2022
2. Most Innovative Sustainability Personality 2021
3. Emerging CSR Personality 2020
4. Best Initiative
5. Best Covid-19 Response Project
6. Best Health Project
7. Best Education Initiative
8. Best Philanthropic Personality
9. GCTU Life Time Achievement Award
10. GCTU Coventry Honorary Award

Rev Amaris Nana Adjei Perbi is people-oriented and successful in monitoring performance, delegating work as well as motivating members. Versed in managing daily direction and team communication, he collaborates resourcefully and is dedicated to identifying practical needs to develop and deliver creative solutions through proactive training and issue management towards business objectives.

Prior to Amaris’ appointment as Lead Solutions Consultant at GRC, – a leadership and sustainability project management consultancy, he worked with Vodafone, MTN and Ghana Ports and Harbor.