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Dusabimana O'keefe Apollos

Associate Consultant &
East Africa Vice President

Dusabimana O’keefe Apollos is a Communication Professional and Media Trainer in charge of training and media documentaries in conflict regions across Eastern Africa and developing nations. He is also an Associate Consultant and Eastern Africa Vice President of Global Relief Consult (GRC).
Stationed in our Kigali office in Rwanda, Apollos also coordinates our staff and consultants across DRC, Tanzania, Kenya,Burundi,Uganda and Zambia.

As an ace media and communications expert that made impactful coverage during the war in Rwanda, Apollos is a pro in Capacity building, Journalism Training, Management Skills, Team Leadership, and Strategic Planning.

Apollos has trained and established a number of people at radio stations, commercial, community, public, national, and religious fields after wars were over in those countries. He is a guru in Sound Technology, Tech Studio Fabrication, Directing, Cool Edits and Foundation for Girls Advocate.

He says, “I work on every project as if it is my first and I put my heart and soul into every consultancy service I offer under Global Relief Consult”.